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1. What happens to my contract with PSS?

The terms of your contract with PSS will be honored by Electric Guard Dog. You will have full access to our customer service team and our nationwide network of service technicians.  You are now an Electric Guard Dog customer and we are pleased to serve you.

2. Will my price change?

We guarantee that your service fee will not change for the next year or during your current contract term. Keep in mind that some states (NY, MN, MS, NJ, TX, LA, OH, FL) will require sales tax to be collected and remitted to the state.  Customers in those states will see this on their bill beginning in October.

3. Will the terms and condition of my contract change?

All servicing needs in your contract will be honored by Electric Guard Dog. You may discover that service actually improves with us. As a nationwide provider, we offer the largest and most knowledgeable customer and technical service in the country and those services are available to you 24/7/365.

4. Where do I pay my bill now?

Any payments sent to PSS’s address will be forwarded to EGD in the interim period.  You may also mail your payments to our lockbox account at Electric Guard Dog, LLC, PO Box 60089, Charlotte, NC 28260.

5. Who do I call for service?

6. What will happen to my monitoring agreement with Security Central?

It will remain intact and you will be served by the same team at Security Central.

7. Will my technician change?

We expect the field service team at PSS to remain with EGD.  Some of you will continue to see them.  However, since EGD has a broader geographic footprint, you are likely to be visited by a technician based closer to your location in the future. In any case, please know Electric Guard Dog has the most knowledgeable and experienced team of technicians in electric fencing in the U.S. All of our technicians are vetted, trained and certified in their field.

8. What hours does EGD customer service work?

9. What happens to the PSS team?

We have made employment offers to most of the PSS employees, and have offered the remainder the opportunity to apply for any open position at EGD where they believe that they would fit.  We respect the work they have done and the service they have provided you.  Those who do not join the EGD team will be assisting with the transition over the next 30 days.

10. Will EGD honor open PSS quotes?

EGD will honor open PSS quotes for the next 30 days.

11. What will happen to my scheduled PM?

EGD will execute scheduled PMs.

12. What do you have to do now?

Nothing different from yesterday.

13. What are the PSS/EGD teams going to do in the next 30 days?

 They will:

  • Work to port over the PSS telephone numbers to EGD offices in Columbia
  • Move your customer files onto EGD’s system
  • EGD techs and outside sales representatives will begin visiting you to introduce themselves
  • EGD customer service will reach out to you by phone to introduce themselves as well.

14. Will I have an opportunity to discuss any thoughts or questions I have regarding this?

Yes! Mayfield Consulting will be contacting you shortly regarding your experience with PSS and to assess opportunities for improvement in your security service.  And, of course, you are welcome to call EGD’s customer service to discuss any questions or concerns you have.

Having gained this introduction, we look forward to earning your trust as your security partner.