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The Shocking Truth About Site Security & How to Protect Your Business

Companies often underestimate the risk of commercial property crime and theft and overestimate the strength of their current security. These errors can be very costly. Electric Guard Dog's unique security system implements three layers of deterrents to prevent property crime and theft from happening in the first place. Tasked with defending more than 4,000 sites across the U.S., Electric Guard Dog's integrated layered security system has eliminated external theft for 98% of customers.


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Mark Wesley succeeds Jack DeMao as CEO of Electric Guard Dog, LLC
Electric Guard Dog, LLC, the #1 Theft Deterrent Service [...]

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The Pitfalls of Security Guard Protection
For decades, measures to secure commercial property have largely remained the same. Many companies rely on a combination of antiquated methods, including security guard [...]

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Top Five Worst Cities for Cargo Theft
Businesses may be getting a slight break this summer from the threat of cargo theft. Or so it seems, compared to incidents reported this time last year. But, be warned. The risk remains high across the U.S. [...]

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