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Warehouse Security Systems for Rental Companies

24 Hour Surveillance System & Solar Electric Fences for Rental Company Properties

We offer warehouse security systems and outdoor security options for rental companies that store high value assets on commercial properties. Our outdoor electric perimeter fences and outdoor perimeter alarm system will keep thieves off your property.

Our industries are a lot alike — we both depend on recurring monthly revenue (RMR). So if one (or some) of your rental machines or vehicles is compromised, you stand to lose RMR not just in the time it takes to replace it, but all the potential business that machine would bring you over its lifespan. If you do not invest in a warehouse security system and 24 hour surveillance, you could be looking at big losses.

Electric Guard Dog offers surveillance services, perimeter intrusion detection systems, outdoor perimeter alarms, outdoor electric perimeter fences, warehouse security systems, and 24 hour surveillance to protect your rental equipment. 

Our warehouse security systems and electric fences come with warning signs to warn thieves of the 7,000 volts of electricity that are delivered to individuals that choose to come in contact with our system. Our fence works in conjunction with a loud alarm system to intimidate thieves. If your outdoor perimeter alarm is activated, our response officers will travel to your warehouse or property to stop the trespassers. 

Contact a specialist to learn more about our warehouse security system, surveillance services, and outdoor perimeter alarm system.

  • Our Core layers offer robust, every-day protection
  • Restrict access to your site as you see fit
  • You lease our system (not own it), so the liability is on our shoulders

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