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Our Solar Powered Electric Fences & Perimeter Security Systems Are Your First Line of Defense

New security threats. Strained law enforcement resources. Continued budget pressures. Do you face these compounding security challenges with no end in sight? Achieve greater results and value for your investment with a perimeter security system that features multiple layers of security that talk to each other. Our solar powered electric fences security systems are designed to protect your property from theft. Electric Guard Dog is a partner of local law enforcement, trade, and task force organizations to ensure a reliable perimeter security solution for its customers. We offer security services for the trucking industry, auto dismantlers, auto auctions. metal recyclers, rental companies, and truck sales organizations.

The Layers of Security in our integrated security systems provide essential measures that deter, detect and delay theft anywhere on your property.

We begin with three Core Layers of deterrence: 

Electric Security Fence

Physical. We install a solar powered electric fence inside your perimeter fence, away from accidental touch. Integrating an electric security gate into your security environment can help fill the gaps and mitigate risks. It’s solar-powered for continuous protection. 

Warning Signs  & Theft Deterrent Service

Shock. Warning signs are provided with our perimeter intrusion detection systems. Each sign displays a warning to inform criminals of the 7,000 volts that are delivered by our solar powered electric fences. Few thieves will ever touch our electric security gate, and no thief will touch it more than once. It’s safe, but it hurts.

Alarm System & Theft Deterrent Service

Outdoor Perimeter Alarm System. Thieves prefer silence and will often abandon a break-in when alarms sound. Any attempt to scale or touch electric security gate will activate the outdoor perimeter alarm system and a quick response from our monitoring center.

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Electric Security Fences & Security Services


Add additional layers to the integrated security system & electric security gate: 


Building Intrusion

Building Intrusion. Are you doing enough to protect your buildings, offices and sensitive spaces against unauthorized entry, even within your perimeter? Our perimeter intrusion detection system and solar powered electric fence solutions include door and window contacts, motion and glassbreak detectors and more, all backed by support from our monitoring center. 

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Customer Alarm Verification. False alarm or real emergency? Quit guessing and know what’s going on when your outdoor perimeter alarm goes off. 24/7 video monitoring allows you to instantly verify alarms through a mobile app. Our perimeter intrusion detection system includes cameras that are installed at critical site points. These cameras are connected to a local Network Video Recorder to provide cloud-based video alarm verification.

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EGD Outdoor Perimeter Alarm Verification. Let us do the video monitoring for you. We're there 24/7 to instantly verify alarms from your outdoor perimeter alarm system and respond, often helping catch even those thieves who fail to enter. Cameras connected to a local Network Video Recorder provide cloud-based video alarm verification. 

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EGD Alarm Response. Quick It is vital to respond to intruders that are attempting to bypass the solar powered electric fence on your property. Law enforcement officials are often overburdened and may not always respond on time. Whatever the emergency, from theft to maintenance issues, our EGD Response Officers are trained to investigate and take action on site 24/7 when an alarm sounds from your electric security gate system.

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Product Enhancements

The more layers you add to your security environment, the greater the power of deterrence of the EGD system. 

Ask us about our Enhancements. 


Electric Security Fence & Security Services

Core Enhancements

  • Perimeter Fence Maintenance
  • Vegetation Control
  • Supplemental Zones
  • Virtual Integrated Access (VIA)
  • Virtual System Access (VSA)

 Theft Deterrent Services

Technology Enhancements

  • Time-of-Day Controller
  • Electronic Monitoring and Management
  • Perimeter Fence Contact Detection
  • Power Expander
 Electric Security Fence

Spot Enhancements

  • Temporary Fence
  • Temporary Fence and Camera Tower
  • Temporary Mobile Camera - Fixed
  • Temporary Mobile Camera - Tower
  • Big Bark Siren and Warning System