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Empowering Industries with Perimeter Security Systems & Electric Fence Installation Services

When protecting high-value assets stored at warehouses, distribution centers, scrap or truck yards, and other vulnerable areas, commercial and industrial companies seek the deterrent value of EGD's layered security system. We stop crime before it happens.

We are a nationwide perimeter security partner for Auto Auctions, Auto Dismantling, Metal Recycling, Rental, Truck Sales and Service, Trucking companies and a growing number of other commercial properties with valuable assets that need to be secured.

Trucking Solutions that Deliver

Securing outdoor assets can be tricky when truck yards and distribution centers need 24-hour access to maintain today’s high-volume distribution and delivery needs. With EGD’s layered security, you can: 

      • Maintain uninterrupted security 24/7 with our solar-powered electric fence
      • Restrict access to parts of your property and set custom access with our Supplemental Zones and Time-of-Day Controller
      • Rest easy with EGD Alarm Verification and EGD Response to help catch even those thieves who fail to enter

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Perimeter Security Systems for Truck Yards

Commercial Perimeter Security System For Auto Auction Properties

Auto auctions, we've got your physical security.  

With fluctuating inventory comes fluctuation in your security vulnerability. EGD integrates layers of security to help protect your outdoor assets. We’ll design a security strategy for your property that provides core layers of perimeter security all the time, and more layers of security for added deterrence some of the time. We've got you covered. 

  • Our Core layers offer robust, every-day protection for outdoor assets
  • Temp Mobile Camera Tower and Big Bark Siren and Warning System enhance security for short-term, heightened security needs
  • Building Intrusion detection keeps employees and valuables safe 

Learn More About Layered Security

Auto dismantlers, don't let gaps in your security plan wreck your business. 

Property with dark corners and remote areas are commonplace for auto dismantlers. At night when yards are closed, the danger is even more prevalent. Other solutions promise to catch thieves, but a layered solution starts with deterrence, before the crime even takes place, and follows through with real-time surveillance.

  • Protect your yard with our Core Layers of protection
  • Secure buildings and warehouses with EGD’s Building Intrusion layer
  • Monitor cameras in real-time with Customer Alarm Verification, or allow us to do it for you

"EGD's proven three layers of protection stop crime on our property before it becomes an issue."

 Hal McGraw, Plant Manager, LKQ

Electric Fence Installation for Auto Dismantler Yards & Properties

24 Hour Surveillance & Electric Fences For Metal Recycle Yards

Metal recyclers, don't let your site be the shiny next victim to outdoor theft. 

Expensive equipment and valuable metals meets dark rows and multiple property zones. Don’t get complacent in thinking all you need is a single patrol guard or some well-placed cameras. Make your property less enticing to criminals with multiple layers of protection. Deterrence is key.

      • Our Core layers offer robust, every-day protection
      • Restrict access to parts of your property with our Supplemental Zones
      • For warehouses, add Building Intrusion and Alarm Verification layers

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Rental companies, protect your RMR.

Our industries are a lot alike — we both depend on recurring monthly revenue (RMR). So if one (or some) of your rental machines or vehicles is compromised, you stand to lose RMR not just in the time it takes to replace it, but all the potential business that machine would bring you over its lifespan. You could be looking at big losses. But EGD watches out for your property and assets 24/7, preventing crime without ever missing a beat.

  • Our Core layers offer robust, every-day protection.
  • Restrict access to your site as you see fit.
  • You lease our system (not own it), so the liability is on our shoulders

“I call it the 'do-right' fence — it makes people do right.”

Kenneth Perkins, Senior Director, Real Estate and Facilities, United Rentals

Solar Powered Electric Fence System for Rental Companies & Properties

Electric Fence System for Truck Service Yards & Properties

Truck sales & service, the road to security starts here. 

New, used, or leased your vehicles are valuable. And in servicing your vehicles, you make sure they’re safe, efficient and compliant once they hit the road. But are you putting the same emphasis on securing your lot? Stop guessing and let us take on that burden. We’ll design a layered security system to thwart would-be criminals at every step.

  • Temp Mobile Camera Tower and Big Bark Siren and Warning System enhance security for short-term, heightened security needs.
  • EGD Alarm Verification and EGD Alarm Response further place the burden with us. We’ll monitor your site through video surveillance and respond on your behalf onsite 24/7.

"The only problem we have is not installing them sooner…Don't wait to get them installed until after you experience theft!"

Andrew Dowhan, Sales Manager, Ryder Logistics



Electric Guard Dog is Relentlessly Protecting our customers’

assets from theft. But don’t take our word for it.

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