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Commercial Electric Fence & Security System FAQs


Q: What are the startup and operating costs?

A: There are no upfront costs. The customer must provide a structurally sound "outer" perimeter fence — something already present on most potential sites. We own and service all essential Electric Guard Dog materials.

Operating costs are negligible because Electric Guard Dog is powered by a 12-volt marine (DC) battery continuously charged by a solar panel(s). Traditional power sources (the grid) may be used as a backup measure or to assist in (trickle) charging the battery — options that would not noticeably increase energy costs.

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Q: What are the minimum site requirements for an Electric Guard Dog system?

A: Every Electric Guard Dog is custom-fit per topographic and other site-specific factors, and can be found on sites ranging in size from 500 square feet to 400 acres. Electric Guard Dog is fueled by a solar panel(s), so it can be installed virtually everywhere.

Customers are responsible for modest grounds upkeep along the Electric Guard Dog fence. Modest grounds upkeep would include occasional mowing or trimming and removal of foreign objects such as fallen limbs, piles of leaves and trash along the fence.

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Q: Can the system control employee access for different security zones?

A: Yes. The system can be configured in multiple zones, with tiered accessibility linked to employee code authorization levels — all typically controlled via keypads or magnetic card-readers.

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Q: What happens if a person cuts the wires? Can't they just cut the wires and then cross the fence and gain access?

A: Any break in the circuit sounds sirens on site and contacts the security monitoring company. If any wire is cut or grounded out this happens.

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Q: What happens if there is a problem with my system?

A: Our technical support center is available 24 hours a day to assist with any operational issues that arise. In the event we can't solve a problem over the telephone, our nationwide field service organization will be promptly dispatched to resolve issues on your site.

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Q: Is the system prone to false alarms?

A: Our patented design minimizes nuisance alarms caused by birds, small animals and weather — common pitfalls of alternative perimeter security systems. A key failsafe on our system withholds alarm signals until a voltage change continues for a preset timeframe. This eliminates nuisance alarms caused by isolated blips and ensures that alarm signals are reserved for genuine intrusion and tampering efforts.

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Q: Is the system safe?

A: Yes. In fact, among the leading options in perimeter security, Electric Guard Dog is the safest solution. Unpredictable behavior makes dogs and guards a liability risk, yet our power is far below international standards for safe electric fencing.

Electric Guard Dog zaps intruders with an extremely short but intolerable 7,000-volt pulse every 1.3 seconds — long enough to jolt a person off or away from the fence but too short to be a cardiovascular threat.

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Q: Is the Electric Guard Dog system compatible with other security systems and equipment?

A: Yes. Our system can be installed as a stand-alone perimeter system or integrated with other access control systems and security components.

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Q: Do you install residential systems?

A: No. Our systems are designed specifically for commercial and industrial locations.

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Q: Is my company liable for damages if someone gets hurt?

A: First, Electric Guard Dog is completely medically safe. Because of the safety of the product, it is rare for claims of injury to be made at our 3,000+ customer locations. More importantly, because we believe in the safety of our product, we will stand by you if a claim is ever made. Electric Guard Dog indemnifies its' customers and defends them in the event of a claim. You'll be added as an additional insured to further that protection.

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Q: What sets it off?

A: The voltage is monitored 24/7. If the voltage drops below 2,000 volts for more than 5 seconds, an alarm signal is sent to the alarm panel that will sound sirens on site and notify the central monitoring station. The central monitoring station will then follow the protocol you have established, which can be to dispatch the police or notify the call out list. By requiring a deviation in voltage of 5 seconds, we eliminate the false alarms that plague other exterior security systems such as small animals, brushing of tree limbs, etc.

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Q: What other services can be bundled with the Electric Guard Dog system?

A: We offer a diverse package of security products that can meet the security needs of your specific location. We can offer motion detectors and door contacts for interior security. Need cameras to verify an alarm? We have that. In some areas, we can provide a guard response to alarms. Learn more about our product options.

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Q: What happens when the contract runs out?

A: The contract renews automatically for another 12-month period. Most customers continue to use the service until they move from the location.

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Q: Who is responsible for repairs?

A: Electric Guard Dog. We offer you a turnkey solution. We include full maintenance as part of your monthly service fee and will repair damages to Electric Guard Dog, regardless of the cause.

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Q: How much money can I save?

A: Obviously it will depend on your individual circumstances. Our average size customer who replaces a 24/7 guard will save more than $120,000 per year. If you replace a weekend guard your savings could be $25,000 per year. Customers who use us at a large number of facilities suggest that they save $3 for every $1 they spend with us.

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