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Case Study: Tom Nehl Truck Company

No Half Measures Protecting Semis 

Tom Nehl Truck Company, North Florida and South Georgia’s largest heavy duty truck dealership, has been serving the trucking industry for over 50 years. Designed to meet all transportation needs, Tom Nehl offers assistance with parts, service, leasing and sales.

Volvo Location

The Challenge

Chuck Sowers, General Manager at Tom Nehl, started working for his dad at truck dealerships at age 17. He’s been at Tom Nehl for 29 years. And he’s seen every kind of theft.

“We actually had a big break-in one time when it was raining real hard. Somebody got inside the yard, used one of our tow motors to open up a shop bay and took 5 technicians toolboxes. One guy had $40,000 worth of tools in his box. The alarm company we had at the time never even called us. Then a few years back, we actually had somebody cut the fence and take some tires off some of the trucks. We were able to see them on one of our security cameras, but we couldn’t see who they were.  We started using a guard after that, as well as perimeter beams. And that worked, but the beams had too many things that could go wrong. We just didn’t feel super safe.”

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Tom Nehl then purchased a lot across the street. Chuck deliberated how to protect it. “We wanted to be able to have a super protected area where we were going to park trucks. We aren’t on the greatest side of town.” 

But due to the road, having guards patrol the lot was going to be problematic. Chuck wanted to stop theft before it happened. He remembered getting an email from Electric Guard Dog, the #1 Theft Deterrent Service™.

Freightliner Location

The Solution

Electric Guard Dog’s multilayered, solar-powered solution included a 10-foot-high electrified fence, placed directly inside the lot’s chain link fence. Multi-lingual warning signs were placed on the electrified fence, informing would-be trespassers of the 7,000 volt shock they would receive if they felt like testing their luck. Any attempt to cut, spread or scale the wires of the electric security fence would also trigger a monitored alarm system.

“We ended up getting the EGD fence for both lots. We still have our security company, too. We periodically will hear of competitors other truck dealerships that have had someone come in over the weekend and stolen $30,000 worth of tires. EGD makes us feel more confident that won’t be an issue for us."

He smiles. “I think that we joked a little bit wondering if we can just buy the signs. I think they’re a great deterrent, visually.”

The Results
  • Installed 2 Electric Guard Dog Fences 
  • Zero Break-ins
  • Peace of Mind for Customers, Employees & Owners 
  • Multiple New Sites Added 

“We haven’t had a break in since we had [Electric] Guard Dog, but as I said, this was preventative. But there’s a definite sense of peace of mind when we drive away from the facility on the weekends or holidays. There’s a trust that we’re covered. 

I think there’s some soft benefits, too, that we really don’t know about. If a customer knows that we’ve got an electric fence and his truck is on our yard, he feels a whole lot more confident than if he had it at a mom and pop’s place where people could steal stuff off his truck or anybody else’s.”

Tom Nehl’s peace-of-mind is so great they’re now installing Electric Guard Dog at additional sites.

“We leased a facility, a piece of property down the street, and wanted to park new trucks down there. There was no way we were going to park those trucks unless we had [Electric] Guard Dog.”

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