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Case Study: Celadon Trucking / Quality Companies

Quality Companies, an affiliate of Celadon Trucking, has a primary business in truck & trailer leasing and sales, but the company also has a number of secondary businesses that involve heavy equipment. Jim House, head of Corporate Security and facilities manager for Quality’s Indianapolis headquarters, is no stranger to theft in Indianapolis: he spent 24 years as a police officer in the city, and has spent the last 7 years as a security director.

Jim House-Quality Companies The Challenge

Quality Companies' success in recent years meant expansion, and Jim knew an expanded Indianapolis yard was going to be a security challenge. “We’re in an industrial area. The neighborhood has had one of the worst theft areas in Indianapolis for years. And our headquarters alone includes 5 yards, 2,000 trucks and $700-800 million in assets, not to mention the employees here on site.”

But the fence around the property, access controls, and contract guards were already not enough to ensure thieves stayed away. “The biggest theft problem for us historically is the batteries in our trucks. The batteries are easy to get to, and usually when thieves would come in they wouldn’t just take 1 battery deck, it would be 10. So, if you had 10 trucks affected — some of these trucks carry up to 8 batteries — you have to replace each battery at $150 or $180/piece. You have to cover the parts, as well as the labor costs, and you have down time with the truck. It gets pretty expensive.”

And then there was the budget. With the expansion, Jim worried the perimeter would be vast and therefore difficult to successfully patrol exclusively with guards. “You can burn a budget on contract security.”

Quality Companies Case Study

The Solution

Having conducted research on security and electric security fencing when Celadon was completing their compliance review for C-TPAT certification, he called Electric Guard Dog once again.

Electric Guard Dog Physical Security

The layered security option included:

  • An electric security fence built directly inside Quality’s existing fence
  • A solar-powered battery to ensure power 24/7/365
  • Warning signs posted at frequent intervals
  • A “safe but memorable” pulsed electric shock if a would-be thief made an attempt
  • Monitored alarms that would sound if anyone attempted to scale, cut, or spread the wires

“I researched electric security fencing for Celadon and the security directors and managers that I spoke to didn’t have one bad thing to say about it. In the end, I decided it would probably be the best thing for us at Quality, because of the remote locations that we have. I could focus my contract security and my personnel on securing our building and doing fire watch. We could utilize the technology aspect of EGD to guard our remote locations without having to have that extra spend for the security guards on those locations.”

The Results

  • Zero Losses Since Install
  • Savings on Contract Security
  • Great ROI
  • Employees Feel Safe

What matters most in security are the results, and Jim’s result was a safe and secure yard.

EGD Physical Security

“After we installed this basic piece of technology, it saved us. We’re down to zero losses since install. That makes me happy. The signs on the fence are a great deterrent and the monitoring system on the electric fence allows me to direct my guards too: any changes or breaches in the fence, I can direct security to the location where I’m getting my alarms and check it out. Our employees have commented on how it feels good to have that advanced security, too.”

“For us, the return on investment with Electric Guard Dog is pretty good compared to what we pay our contract security.” 

Jim’s admiration extends to the ongoing service he receives from Electric Guard Dog as well. “Any request I’ve made has been followed through. Our local tech is just fantastic. Every time he comes, he checks everything from top to bottom, gets us hooked up and worked out.  I couldn’t be any more pleased.”

House initially had two locations installed but, over time, he has continued to install the fences at all their lots in Indianapolis, and subsequently at their Dallas location.

House continues, “The high selling point for me was ‘it’s safe yet it’s effective.’ Security, in general, hasn’t changed in hundreds of years. You find what you want to protect, you put your barriers up to protect it, and you control who has access to it. The only thing that’s really changed over the years is the technology. If you can enhance your security by using technology, then why wouldn’t you?”