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Worst Time for Crime: When Cargo Theft Spikes

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 8/30/18, 10:00 AM

It’s Thursday — the worst day of the week for cargo theft. Tomorrow isn’t looking good either. Some days are worse than others, but cargo theft remains a major problem, disrupting the supply chain and damaging brand reputation for businesses across the U.S. We recently exposed the worst cities for crime. In honor of Labor Day weekend, we’re breaking out the goods on the worst time for crime.

 Worst Time for Crime

It’s prime time for crime. Are you an easy target?

Answer 4 Simple Questions to Find Out

Weekday or Weekend?

Which is worse depends on who you ask.

According to some cargo theft experts, weekends are the worst. [1]

  • Friday (19%)
  • Saturday (17%)
  • Sunday (16%)

But others report that weekdays are the worst, with Thursday topping the chart. [2]

analysis of theft

The patterns were heavily influenced by peak shipping times associated with holidays.

Holiday Heists

Labor Day through Christmas is peak season for retail, shipping and, consequently, cargo theft. Stores are fully stocked and merchandise is moving in high volumes. While consumers are counting on massive savings, thieves are cashing in on opportunities to strike trailers and shipments left unattended over the holiday weekends and weeks leading up to Black Friday. And let’s not forget Cyber Monday. Last November saw a 37% increase in theft volume from November 2016 and a 101% increase in the average value loss per theft. [3]

Trucking and logistics companies, warehouse and distribution centers — be wary. This weekend notoriously kicks off high season for cargo theft. But you can make sure it’s a non-starter with the right security measures in place. Electric Guard Dog offers security solutions such as electric security fence installation and perimeter alarm systems to protect your property from theft.

It’s prime time for crime. Are you an easy target?

 Answer 4 Simple Questions to Find Out


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