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Lifting LaTour Part II: Inside Job — In Conjunction with CargoNet

Posted by Michael Dorrington — VP of Sales and Marketing on 11/17/15 1:43 PM

Inside Job: Employee/Supplier

Screening & Access

The raid of the Berry Bros. & Rudd warehouse in the UK last spring netted a bold group of thieves some $2.3 million worth of the world’s finest champagne. In part I of this 3-part series, security expert Keith Lewis, Vice President of Operations at CargoNet and Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent, discussed the flaws in the security products chosen by the wine merchants: cameras and beams, over perimeter security and a guard on the premises.

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Law Enforcement Discusses $2.3M Champagne Warehouse Theft

Posted by Michael Dorrington — VP of Sales and Marketing on 11/10/15 1:16 PM

Part I: Mission Impossible

Last spring in the UK, a group of thieves boosted $2.3 million worth of the finest champagne in the world from the warehouse of Berry Bros. & Rudd, the wine merchants that supply the Royal Family. The audacious raid didn’t lack for style: the thieves paused to drink bottles of Moet & Chandon and Chateau LaTour before vacating the premises.

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