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Steering Ahead: Idealease Annual Meeting

Posted by Michael Dorrington — VP of Sales and Marketing on 10/26/17 11:45 AM

We attended the 35th Annual Idealease Meeting to support and connect with our partner, once again. This year’s meeting took place in San Antonio and featured Leap Forward as the recurring theme, suggesting building momentum comes from looking to the future, not the past.

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Only the Beginning: The 34th Annual Idealease Meeting

While it was the 34th anniversary of Idealease that brought together employees, suppliers, family and friends at the recent annual meeting — it was, as the theme suggests, “only the beginning” for more good things to come. Not the least of which is the level of growth and support for Idealease: attendance at the 34th Annual Meeting was up 15% over last year!

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Topics: Commercial Security, Trucking, Idealease

Idealease Best Practices: Fueling Change

Presenters in racing jackets, a surprise talk from three-time NASCAR champion Tony Stewart, and pit crew challenge were among the highlights at this year’s Idealease Best Practices meeting. The energy and excitement were timely for the NASCAR-themed event that took place around Race Week in Concord, NC.  

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