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Worst Time for Crime: When Cargo Theft Spikes

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 8/30/18 10:00 AM

It’s Thursday — the worst day of the week for cargo theft. Tomorrow isn’t looking good either. Some days are worse than others, but cargo theft remains a major problem, disrupting the supply chain and damaging brand reputation for businesses across the U.S. We recently exposed the worst cities for crime. In honor of Labor Day weekend, we’re breaking out the goods on the worst time for crime.

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The Best Way to Prevent Theft at Your Distribution Site

A distributor’s lifeblood is, of course, its cargo. Buyers are demanding, needing their product to arrive promptly and in perfect condition. Theft can totally disrupt this process and do major damage to your company in the process. Unfortunately, cargo theft does happen, costing businesses $172.9 million in 2016. If your customers find out you’re having security failures, why would they continue to purchase your goods? They’ll simply find another distributor they know they can count on. Your company can’t afford to lose business like this.

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Risk Management: The ISCPO Conference

ISCPO is a conference and trade show tailored to promote security in the global supply chain. Providing training and education on issues important to manufacturers, retailers, distributors, logistics and legal/law enforcement sectors since 2011, this year’s show included some fascinating speakers.

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Southeastern Transportation Security Council Meeting 5/20 Join Us!

Posted by Kathleen Hannon on 4/14/15 12:47 PM

If you are a transportation,distribution, cargo security or law enforcement professional in the Southeast U.S., join us for the May 20th meeting of The Southeastern Transportation Security Council (SETSC) 10 a.m. Atlanta, GA at the Gap Inc. Regional Office.

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