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Michael Dorrington — VP of Sales and Marketing

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Hauling through Hurricanes: Top 7 Truck Safety Tips

Posted by Michael Dorrington — VP of Sales and Marketing on 9/13/18 11:45 AM

Truck drivers have one of the most demanding, dangerous — and vital — jobs in America. As Hurricane Florence bears down on the Southeast and throughout the East Coast, it’s about to get more dangerous. For our trucking, transportation and logistics customers, we’re sharing critical storm safety tips to keep these hard-working men and women safe on the road.

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Topics: Trucking, Safety, Transportation, Logistics

Avoid Cargo Theft over Labor Day: Follow these Security Protocols

Original content supplied by J.J. Coughlin and SC-ISAC.  Additions made by Electric Guard Dog.

Labor Day is looming. If you're thinking beach trips and backyard barbecues — don't get too comfortable. Labor Day weekends are notorious for cargo theft spikes, leaving trucking, warehouse and fleet companies most vulnerable. 

You could be robbed of more than a good time this holiday without proper security measures in place. 

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Topics: Security Industry, Holiday Security Protocol, Cargo Theft

The Pitfalls of Security Guard Protection

For decades, measures to secure commercial property have largely remained the same. Many companies rely on a combination of antiquated methods, including security guard protection. At Electric Guard Dog, we provide exceptional technology that has transformed commercial property security. Our customers confidently phase out obsolete security measures, like security guards, to adopt our cost-effective, reliable, and comprehensive security system. Here are six ways to avoid the risks of security guard protection with EGD.

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Topics: Layered Security, Integrated Layered Security

Top Five Worst Cities for Cargo Theft

Businesses may be getting a slight break this summer from the threat of cargo theft. Or so it seems, compared to incidents reported this time last year. But, be warned. The risk remains high across the U.S. [1] and the growing number of bad guys in organized rings are making their rounds — could there be a target on your back?

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Topics: Cargo Theft, Trucking, Transportation, Shipping, Logistics

Avoid Cargo Theft Over 4th of July: Follow These Supply Chain & Perimeter Security Protocols

Original content supplied by J.J. Coughlin and SC-ISAC.  
Additions made by Electric Guard Dog.

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Topics: Holiday Security Protocol, Cargo Theft, Logistics, Shipping, Transportation, Freight, Trucking, Supply Chain

How EGD Outsmarts Criminals And The Competition

So many companies today put all their eggs in one basket. While it’s great to excel in one area, the overall value of your company to customers is diminished when you lack an overall outstanding experience.

At Electric Guard Dog, we noticed that this was a big problem in our industry, so we charted a different course: rather than sharpening just one facet of our business, we decided the most valuable approach for our customers would be to offer an extremely well-rounded experience. How did we do this? We developed an incredibly effective product and backed it with industry-leading service.

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Topics: Layered Security, Integrated Layered Security