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EGD and SETSC Collaborate on the Cargo Theft Prevention & Investigation Seminar!Learn More

Commissioner Bill Bratton Joins Electric Guard Dog’s Board of Directors>>>


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Layered security is a multi-pronged approach that is essential to protecting your assets, resources and data. So where do you start building your layered approach? Invest in Electric Guard Dog, your Property Security as a Service (PSaaS) provider. Our electric security fence system offers the integrated layers of protection you need. Major brands depend on our solar electric fences for a high-quality line of defense from coast to coast. Law enforcement officials, trade organizations, and task forces rely on perimeter alarm systems and electric fence installation services to protect their property. We also offer security solutions for truck yards, commercial properties, auto auctions, auto dismantler properties, metal recyclers, rental companies, truck sales yards, & other types of properties.


How does our electric fence system and Layered Security solution STOP crime before it happens?




The Top Provider of Solar Electric Fences & Perimeter Alarm Systems for Commercial or Industrial Sites, Nationwide