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Commercial Security Systems Product Options

Electric Guard Dog uses the latest technology to provide a fully-integrated, custom commercial security systems solution with your specific needs in mind.

Electric Guard Dog’s versatile design is flexible enough to be installed as a stand-alone commercial security systems solution or easily integrate with other access control systems and security components such as electric gates, CCTV, existing security fencing and other security monitoring services.

Camera Option

Outdoor Camera Package — The cost-effective IP-based Megapixel Four Outdoor Camera Package is an amazing add-on to the Electric Guard Dog multi-layered, solar-powered solution to theft. The camera package includes 1080p IR-illuminated, IP66-rated cameras and an embedded NVR with a user-friendly interface. The standard system includes:

  • 4 IP bullet cameras
  • 3 medium-range cameras
  • 2 TB embedded NVR
  • 1 long-range camera

Perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses, the system offers:

  • Improved situational awareness with on site and remote real-time video
  • Remote viewing via iPhone, Android or Remote Personal Computer
  • Alert/Incident notification via email on motion sensing analytics
  • Improved video quality over legacy analog systems and allows high definition 1080p resolution
  • Encrypted video

The primary use of the camera package is alarm verification — the Electric Guard Dog electric fence system is still the #1 Theft Deterrence ServiceTM.

Virtual System Access — Remote access via smart phones, texting and Internet. As a Virtual System Access user, you can manage and run your security system from almost anywhere in the world, check its status and receive event notifications.

Key Fobs — Never leave the safety of your vehicle to control your system. The wireless remote provides personalized control of your security system with the touch of a single button.

Traffic Lights —  A great option for sites that need to let drivers know when the Electric Guard Dog system is energized and alarmed.

Access Integration — Electric Gate access allows monitoring of all entrances and exits from your property via our alarm system. Always know who is on your property and for how long.

Internal Intrusion Options — This would include motion detectors, door contacts and cameras.

Day/Night System — Activated security 24/7. Monitoring continuity during the day and full-shock voltage at night.

Haloes — Designed to prevent intruders from using pole tops for climbing over the electric fence.

45-Degree Lay-Down Fences — Installed at an angle near the bottom of the electric fence, these create a wide barrier that prevents intruders from digging. Loose soil and sandy conditions are a good fit for this feature. (Shown below.)

45-Degree Lay-Down Fence Option

Rooftop/Wall Fencing — A 3-ft.-tall electric fence can be installed on rooftops or wall sections to prevent intruders from using roofs to access your business. Options are a 45-degree angle fence or straight flush against the wall or roof. (Shown below.)

Wall Fencing Option

Ground Loop Rings — Stop intruders from spreading electric fence wires to enter the property undetected. Ground loop rings maximize sensitivity to the electric fence. They can be installed in specific sections or throughout the system.

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