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Pricing & Installation for Electric Fence

What Will It Cost Me?

No Upfront Construction costs. No hidden fees. Ever.

Electric Guard Dog is available to you for one monthly fee that is determined by the size, scale and customized needs of the property. For instance, the average price for a two-acre site is $750 a month — a 90% savings over the cost of a 24/7 security guard.*

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*Based on an average loaded cost of guards 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Electric Guard Dog Vs. Other Security Systems

Meet Your Budget. Exceed Your Expectations.

Electric Guard Dog electric fence is cost-effective compared to security guards, video cameras and alarm systems. Get 24/7 security to protect your customers’ assets and your employees, all while you SAVE MONEY.

Electric Guard Dog Vs. Other Electric Fence Security Systems

What About Power Bills? 

Not to worry! Electric Guard Dog is a solar-powered system. It’s always on, protecting your business — your power bills never increase despite your enhanced security.


What About Start-Up Fees? Installation Costs?

There are no upfront or construction costs associated with installation. Every Electric Guard Dog perimeter security system installed is customized to the location, in accordance with property lines, terrain and building positions on sites ranging from 500 square feet to 400 acres. Our technicians come to your site, determine your security needs and then build the right security system to address them.

How Long Does Installation Take?

Traditionally, there’s a 4-6 week lead-time involved with installing the Electric Guard Dog security system, as prior to installation, customers need to clear debris and growth in the five feet surrounding the existing fence line. Turnaround for installation itself depends on the size of the property, but the standard install usually takes 2-4 days.

A Typical Install for Perimeter Security Electric Fencing Will Include: 

  • A 10-ft-high (or higher) Electric Guard Dog fence installed just inside your existing perimeter fence or another barrier
  • A 50-watt solar panel charges a 12-volt marine battery. In an emergency situation, the design of this self-contained system ensures the fence will arm and stay armed for 10 days or more.
  • Audible and silent alarms are triggered when intruders try to compromise the fence
  • Monitoring of the perimeter security system
  • Multi-lingual signs stating: "WARNING! Alarmed Electric Fence 7,000 Volts"

Don’t Wait for Theft Problems and Hikes in Insurance Rates

Every break-in costs money: in asset losses, angry departing customers and the labor costs associated with reporting the crime and filing an insurance claim. Not to mention the premium increases due to a claim.

Don't Wait. Get 24/7 Theft Deterrence with Electric Guard Dog.

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