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Pure Chemistry: ChemEdge 2015

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 8/28/15 2:01 PM

Sponsored by the NACD (National Association of Chemical Distributors) ChemEdge is a conference and trade show tailored for the chemical distribution channel. The show offers training and education on issues important to chemical distributors, manufacturers, warehouses and service support companies. This year, ChemEdge hosted more than 60 exhibitors and more than 400 industry professionals. 

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Topics: Department of Homeland Security, CFATS, Chemical Distribution, Commercial Security, Supply Chain

Lost in Transit: Physical Security in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Posted by Jack DeMao on 8/19/15 9:23 AM

The federal government’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) of 2013 set to be implemented in 2017 will enable better information security in protecting pharmaceuticals in transit. But Third Party Logistics companies (3PLs), trucking and logistics carriers involved in the new supply chain model will need to assess whether their existing physical security measures can meet the new challenges they will be facing.

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Topics: Logistics, Commercial Security, Supply Chain, Third Party Logisitics

Transporting Ideas for the Future

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 7/20/15 11:14 AM

As one of the proud sponsors of The North Carolina League of Transportation and Logistics Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC, we at Electric Guard Dog were there for the event. Congratulations to Fred Piercy, Sr. of CV International for receiving the Bill H. Teague Lifetime Achievement Award — well deserved.

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Topics: Security Industry, Transportation, Commercial Security, ATA, Trucking, Supply Chain