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Security Mishap of the Month

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 12/5/17 9:00 AM

Security is something always on our minds. We want to be safe, whether we’re at home, work, or school. But when there is a constant stream of news stories about major data breaches and identity theft, we risk shifting too much of our attention to data security. It’s important to keep physical security in mind, especially if you’re responsible for safeguarding valuable property at your business.

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Topics: Layered Security, Security Mishaps

Complacency: Your Biggest Security Mistake

Posted by Randy Mullis — Director, Field Operations on 11/28/17 12:24 PM

With 30 years of experience in the security business, I’ve seen a lot of mistakes. Most of these oversights are simple and easy to correct. Unfortunately, aversion to change is common. I often hear people say, “That’s the way we’ve always done things.” Another common phrase, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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Installations — Part II: Digging Deep to Stop Theft

Neither 108-degree heat nor a state of emergency due to flooding (nor having to dig by hand for days through solid limestone!) will stop our installation crews from finishing the job to secure your yard. Even at the end of such grueling days, they often tell us they would prefer to keep working around the clock, rather than not finish. So, who are these installers who work so hard? Let's find out.

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Topics: Installations Series

Installations — Part I:  What to Expect

Okay, so you decided to stop crime before it happens. What happens next? What can you expect during the installation of your Electric Guard Dog electric security fence? Let’s start with answers to questions customers often ask us.

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Topics: Installations Series

Thanksgiving Holiday Security Protocols Reminder

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 11/9/17 12:00 PM

Original content supplied by J.J. Coughlin and SC-ISAC.  
Additions made by Electric Guard Dog.

Thanksgiving holiday weekend is coming up Nov. 23-26. Truckers, transportation companies, shippers and manufacturers beware — it's "peak season" for cargo theft as loads are left unattended in unsecured parking areas, warehouses and truck stops over the long holiday weekend.

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Topics: Holiday Security Protocol

ASIS 2017: What Security Pros Need to Know

Posted by Shara Turley — Regional Account Executive on 11/7/17 12:00 PM

Every convention claims to be the best place to create a network. But as someone who travels to conventions every month, let me tell you, the ASIS show is something special.

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Topics: Commercial Security, ASIS