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Jack DeMao

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Leader of the Pack in Winter Security

Posted by Jack DeMao on 1/10/18 6:11 PM

In the midst of other security system suffsnow5ering power outages and faults due to the extreme cold and heavy snowstorms, we’ve received numerous questions about how and why the Electric Guard Dog withstands the winter weather so well compared to competitors. While most know our system is solar-powered and therefore impervious to outages, there are some winter features you may not know about your trusted security partner and business’s best friend, Electric Guard Dog. We also have a few tips for maximizing “Sparky” in the snow.

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Topics: Customer Care


Posted by Jack DeMao on 1/25/16 3:10 PM

On January 19, 2016, multiple Texas police agencies, in concert with the Texas Department of Public Safety, executed multiple search and arrest warrants for the criminals responsible for reselling property stolen from Nationwide Less‐than‐Truckload Carriers (LTLs) in Texas and the southeastern U.S.

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Topics: cargotheft, LTL

Lost in Transit: Physical Security in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Posted by Jack DeMao on 8/19/15 9:23 AM

The federal government’s Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) of 2013 set to be implemented in 2017 will enable better information security in protecting pharmaceuticals in transit. But Third Party Logistics companies (3PLs), trucking and logistics carriers involved in the new supply chain model will need to assess whether their existing physical security measures can meet the new challenges they will be facing.

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Topics: Logistics, Commercial Security, Supply Chain, Third Party Logisitics

360 View of the U.S. Security Market

Posted by Jack DeMao on 8/10/15 9:26 PM

Recently the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) International and the Institute of Finance and Management (IOFM) published The United States Security Industry,the first definitive study of the security market since the Hillcrest Report II in 1990. Having digested the report from the perspective a perimeter physical security provider, some interesting points shine through:

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Topics: Customer Care, Security Industry, Department of Homeland Security, CFATS, Chemical Distribution, Scrap Recycling

25 Years of SDM Excellence

Posted by Jack DeMao on 7/9/15 3:16 PM

By Jack DeMao

Last week I was at the 10th annual SDM 100 Gala because Electric Guard Dog was being honored as one of the top 100 private security companies in the U.S. But in a rare and fantastic moment, I joined with other honorees to honor our very special hosts: the editors and publishers of SDM Magazine, as they’re celebrating 25 years compiling and releasing the most reputable and recognized rankings of the top private security companies in the U.S., the SDM 100.

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Topics: Security Industry, Commercial Security