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Labor Day Weekend Supply Chain & Perimeter Security Protocols

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 8/27/17 2:00 PM

Original content supplied by J.J. Coughlin and SC-ISAC. Additions made by Electric Guard Dog.

Transportation companies, shippers and manufacturers — beware of the increased risk of cargo theft over the long Labor Day weekend, running September 1 through 4. Labor Day through Christmas is considered high season for cargo theft, with incidents spiking around 40 percent, according to FBI statistics.

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Topics: Security Industry, Holiday Security Protocol, Cargo Theft, Shipping, Transportation

Electric Guard Dog: The Leader in Layered Security

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 8/23/17 2:06 PM


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Topics: Commercial Security, perimeter security, Layered Security

What's Missing from Your Layered Security Approach

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 8/16/17 2:00 PM

The Achilles heel of all security designs is the lack of attention to three things:

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Topics: Layered Security

What Does the Future Hold for Layered Security?

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 8/9/17 2:12 PM

Security directors are dealing with compounding challenges today, including:

  • New security threats
  • Strained law enforcement resources
  • Continued budget pressure
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Topics: Commercial Security, Layered Security

Layered Security Best Practices

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 8/1/17 1:24 PM

Security risks of all types are on the rise, including gang violence, terrorism and cybercrime, to name just a few. Risks to your private business are also on the rise, but, relative to these other high-profile security risks, what government agency has the time? Law enforcement is already strained trying to meet multiple threats to life safety, while prosecutorial and incarceration resources are over capacity. All of which means even the criminals that are apprehended and sentenced are rapidly returned to the streets: better trained in their craft, with better connections to fence the goods they’ve stolen, all thanks to their brief stint inside. While you’ve always had to contend with vandals and amateur thieves, the threat level your business faces is getting much worse.

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Topics: Layered Security

Is Layered Security Right for You?

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 7/25/17 10:00 AM

All security professionals have (or should have) a security system in place. So you may be wondering, “Why would I need to worry about adding another component to my security solution?”

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