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How EGD Outsmarts Criminals And The Competition

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 6/4/18 10:30 AM

So many companies today put all their eggs in one basket. While it’s great to excel in one area, the overall value of your company to customers is diminished when you lack an overall outstanding experience.

At Electric Guard Dog, we noticed that this was a big problem in our industry, so we charted a different course: rather than sharpening just one facet of our business, we decided the most valuable approach for our customers would be to offer an extremely well-rounded experience. How did we do this? We developed an incredibly effective product and backed it with industry-leading service.

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Topics: Layered Security, Integrated Layered Security

Memorial Day Weekend Supply Chain & Perimeter Security Protocols

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 5/24/18 2:09 PM

Original content supplied by J.J. Coughlin and SC-ISAC.  
Additions made by Electric Guard Dog.

Memorial Day is Monday. Be vigilant this weekend to protect your business as cargo theft levels have increased on Memorial Day weekend by as much as 52 percent over normal weekends, says cargo theft reporting firm, SensiGuard.

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Topics: Holiday Security Protocol, Cargo Theft, Logistics, Shipping, Transportation, Freight, Trucking, Supply Chain

3 Site Security Risks & How To Mitigate Them

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 4/3/18 8:00 AM

Is My Site At Risk?

Whether you own a business, manage its sites, or handle its finances, just getting your job done right can be difficult and time-consuming enough. On top of this, though, is the concern that site security is insufficient. Considering what could happen if crooks gained undisturbed access to your site is so stressful that many companies simply opt to hope that it won’t ever happen. Sadly, it does happen, and it can seriously damage unprepared companies. To help you determine whether your company sites are in danger of falling prey to property crime and theft, we will walk through the many risk factors.

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Topics: Layered Security, Integrated Layered Security

The Premier Integrated Layered Security Provider

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 3/20/18 8:00 AM

Buyers beware: there are a lot of security companies out there that aren’t worth their salt. But if you’re tempted to dismiss us as yet another paper tiger on the market, we have the stats to stop you in your tracks. After installing the Electric Guard Dog integrated security system on their sites, a full 98% of our customers have experienced zero external theft. Our unique, triple-layered security solution provides so many deterrents that would-be criminals usually take one look and never come back.

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Topics: Layered Security, Integrated Layered Security

The Integrated Layered Security Difference

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 3/13/18 8:00 AM

As you learned in our last blog post, security has changed over the years. By not adopting the newest and best technology, many companies have seriously struggled in dealing with thieves and property criminals at their sites. Often, the reason for this struggle is the lack of an integrated and layered approach to site security. After adopting our multipronged security system, we’ve seen company after company maximize their bottom line, boost employee morale, and achieve peace of mind.

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Topics: Layered Security, Integrated Layered Security

Security Through The Years

Posted by Electric Guard Dog on 3/6/18 8:00 AM

The concept of using fences or walls to defend people or property has been around for thousands of years. Older fences were sometimes constructed of stone or wood. Even hedges were used in some areas to serve the same purpose. Later on, features such as barbed wire were added to fences. Though the use of fences has changed quite a bit over time - your wall may no longer be protecting your village from conquesting outsiders - the general idea remains the same.

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Topics: Layered Security, Integrated Layered Security